30th anniversary seminar celebration – July 22, 2017

Sahjonim (Grandmaster Kwang Choi) has spent over 30 years perfecting and refining his martial arts techniques and wowed international Instructors when he demonstrated step by step with explanation during Choi Kwang Do’s 30th Anniversary which took place in July 2017 in Atlanta, GA. Students and Instructors internationally gathered for a week-long event and celebrations during this time.

Sahjonim keeps Choi Kwang Do relevant and up-to-date by incorporating and improving CKD techniques, training and teaching methods. Now with science and technology advancing rapidly, CKD techniques can be backed up by science better than ever. The validity of the new methodology was embraced and applauded by the Instructors who learned and trained with the founder. The Dartfish program which is one of the tools Sahjonim is utilizing was introduced to instructors during the seminar week. This program captures detailed movements of the participant and analyzes it in slow motion. The analysis is compared alongside Sahjonim, identifying the areas of improvement that is needed. Once identified, the participant will be given instruction on how to improve their techniques. Sahjomin feels using the Dartfish program is one of the best ways for instructors and students to improve their techniques and skills. He has now finished and compiled the Dartfish database. This program will first be released to instructors.

Alongside with using the Dartfish program, Sahjonim is excited to release an instructor training program he is currently creating. This training program will be online based where instructors can learn from any part of the world directly from the founder. This long distance training program will help instructors improve on every aspect of Choi Kwang Do such as techniques, skills and knowledge. In return, instructors will be able to teach their students better. For the past 30 years, Grandmaster Choi has been focused on spreading Choi Kwang Do by traveling and conducting seminars all over the world. Now he wants to shift his focus on teaching and improving the quality of CKD instructors. This program will be available in the near future. The 30th Anniversary celebration was a success and Sahjonim really appreciates everyone who attended and supported this great event!

30th CKD Anniversary Contest Restults

Color Belts - Age 7 and less  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Nickolas Adriano Nickolas Adriano Nickolas Adriano
Second Place Nina Adriano Nina Adriano Judith Good
Third Place Jack Dutcher Judith Good Nina Adriano
Color Belts - Age 8  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Madeline Bart Janine Gachugi Janine Gachugi
Second Place Janine Gachugi Madeline Bart Steffan Chandler
Third Place Steffan Chandler Steffan Chandler Sarah Talbot
Color Belts - Age 9-11  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Lorellei Zegrean Khushi Patel Nicholas Denalsky
Second Place Lilly Hiland Journey Christopher Nathaniel Jordan
Color Belts - Age 12-17  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Shenae Tharpe Austen Williams Shenae Tharpe
Second Place Leonid Bushuev Shenae Tharpe Austen Williams
Third Place Justin Brown Leonid Bushuev Justin Brown
Color Belts - Age 18-44  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Dorcasse Nzamba Dimitri Sukhomlinov Dimitri Sukhomlinov
Second Place Dimitri Sukhomlinov Tatiana Chursinova Dorcasse Nzamba
Color Belts - Age 45 and Above  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Jennifer Rollins LAURA DENAPOLE Jean Jaffke 
Second Place Jean Jaffke  Jennifer Rollins Lynne Meyer
Third Place Lynne Meyer Lynne Meyer DUANE FORWARD
IL Dan - Age 10 and under  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Allison Wicks Allison Wicks Conlan Belcher
Second Place Madison Esterline Jacob Parker Allison Wicks
Third Place Taryn Rix Madison Esterline Madison Esterline
IL Dan - Age 11-14  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Nikolas Mitchell Nicholas Ta Nikolas Mitchell
Second Place Nicholas Ta Alyssa Pruitt Nicholas Ta
Third Place Dylan Faber Nikolas Mitchell Dylan Faber
IL Dan - Age 15-18  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Taylor Schaper Kira McBain Joshua Chigumira
Second Place Joshua Chigumira Joshua Chigumira Kira McBain
Third Place Kira McBain Taylor Schaper Taylor Schaper
IL Dan - Age 19-44  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Vitalii Gorbushin Vitalii Gorbushin Nick Cahill
Second Place Sabrina Wright Sabrina Wright Jaehee Lee
Third Place Andrey Mitronin Andrey Mitronin Sabrina Wright
IL Dan - Age 45 and Above  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Felicia English Sean Tharpe Sekyeong Pyeon
Second Place Sean Tharpe Felicia English Sean Tharpe
Third Place Sekyeong Pyeon Sekyeong Pyeon LEONARDO SACCO
EE Dan, Sam Dan 13 and Under  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Asa Shepard Asa Shepard Asa Shepard
Second Place Brendan Gallagher Bakhita Gachugi Sophie Critelli
Third Place Bakhita Gachugi Brendan Gallagher Brendan Gallagher
EE Dan, Sam Dan 14 - 17  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Sofyia Novikova Hyoseon Kim Sofyia Novikova
Second Place Hyoseon Kim Sofyia Novikova Andrew Talbot
Third Place Andrew Talbot Andrew Talbot Hyoseon Kim
EE Dan, Sam Dan 18 - 23  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Michael Birtz Keelin McGinnis Keelin McGinnis
Second Place Jiyun Lee Jiyun Lee Benjamin Powell
Third Place Ivy Marion Brandon Martinez Alexander Bechke
EE Dan, Sam Dan 24 - 44  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Kirsty Dickson Sachin Sing-Sahota FABIANA SERENA
Second Place Andrice Buettner Andrice Buettner Andrice Buettner
Third Place FABIANA SERENA Kirsty Dickson Sachin Singh-Sahota
EE Dan, Sam Dan 45 and Above  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Greg Evans Greg Evans Greg Evans
Second Place Stuart Clarkson Stuart Clarkson Elizabeth Glumb
Third Place Elizabeth Glumb David Keith David Keith
Sa Dan and Above - Ages 44 and Under  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Jordan Leiva Jonathan Cruzado Jonathan Cruzado
Second Place Jonathan Cruzado Harrison RAFFERTY JOSE GIARONE
Third Place Harrison RAFFERTY Guy Nzamba Harrison RAFFERTY
Sa Dan Ages 45 and Above  
  Patterns Speed Drills Air Shields
First Place Donna Worthington Donna Worthington Michael Ayerst
Second Place Michael Ayerst DEREK BICKNELL Donna Worthington
Team 5  -  Black Belt Team 5 - Color Belt
First Place Kennesaw CKD First Place Kennesaw CKD
Second Place Team Scotland Second Place High Springs CKD
Third Place Ayerst CKD Third Place Novi CKD
  Demo Team  
  First Place CKD Headquarters  
  Second Place Michigan United  
  Third Place Greca CKD  

30th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL - Register Now -

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Pil seung!

Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International Seminar 2017

Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International is pleased to announce our upcoming 30th Anniversary. The seminar and activities will be held from Monday, July 17th through Monday, July 24th 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. - Register Now -

30 years in the making

Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, 9th degree black belt, has been consistently training in the martial arts for over 60 years. For the last 29 years he has been in the forefront of the latest scientific technology called Choi Kwang Do. His creation is able to assist people to achieve optimum health and practical self-defense. He created a new martial art system specifically designed to counteract negative aspects of traditional training which is still practiced all over the world. Advocates of Choi Kwang Do praise its new approach but traditionalists have another view. For those of us who are very fortunate to be associated with CKD and training with the founder himself is a genuine joy for self improvement. Gone are the days of unnecessary tension in training which in itself can be detrimental to the practitioners' health. We understand that CKD is not like any other martial art and we are extremely pleased to be training in the latest scientifically designed techniques. Many senior martial artists world wide who has been taught by the founder has been impacted and changed their lives forever. They carry with them the techniques that has shaped and improved their martial art careers.

This is your personal invitation directly from the founder to come and experience martial arts excellence and see for yourself the uniqueness of Choi Kwang Do. The celebrations will be held at the home of CKD in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Preparations are under way to make sure that all our members, their families and instructors enjoy and learn from the greatest martial artist of our time.

Start Now Preparing for the 30th Anniversary

July 2017 will be a very busy time in the Atlanta especially with the new Atlanta Braves baseball stadium coming to our area. Hotels will be booked up very fast. Therefore, please make reservations as soon as possible in order get desired accommodations as well as best pricing. Click here to take you to the registration site or click on image below.

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