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Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International 27th Anniversary

It was 82 degrees, a cool breeze blowing, the seagulls were flying, and a flock of students and instructors from the Choi Kwang Do community flocked to Largo, Florida to attend the 27th Anniversary Festival and Seminar. They flew and drove from the U.K, California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, and Georgia. Even though the International Headquarters is located In Atlanta, Georgia, the only U.S Seminar was held in Largo, Florida. For some this was their yearly retreat, relaxation, and a chance to meet old friends and new ones. It also renewed their enthusiasm and energy after meeting and training with the Founder (Sahjonim) Kwang Jo Choi.

The festivities started on Friday with a showcase of excellence (contest) with students ranging from six years up to senior age. They performed patterns, speed drills, and shield attacks to a thrilling audience. As you can see from the photographs the standards of the contestants was fierce and much improved from the previous showcases. There were individuals, Team 7s, and Demo Teams from various states performing on Friday for a chance to perform the finals on Saturday in front of Sahjonim.

Saturday morning at 8:30am the auditorium was buzzing with excitement and anticipation of meeting The World’s Greatest Martial Artist alive today! At 9:00am fourteen senior citizens were brought to meet the man who created the Martial Art that they were training in. Under the direction of Master Robert Defayette, these seniors have been training in Choi Kwang Do. Grandmaster Choi had a private audience with them before the start of the seminar. At that time he congratulated them on their quest to improve their health and longevity. He also explained the benefits of training in Choi Kwang Do from a scientific view point. “Many of the senior students, the oldest one in the group being ninety-nine, has improved dramatically in the areas of flexibility, endurance, balance, good posture, and vitality. It is a pleasure when my instructors and I go to their center for classes and they’re ready, excited and looking forward to a great day after training”. A similar program is also taught in Korea by Grandmaster Sang Ki Eun. It is a very exciting program that the seniors look forward to and proving to a success model in our community. Other instructors have also shown an interest in teaching seniors in their local communities.

At the age of 72, the Founder of Choi Kwang Do was introduced to the audience and to their amazement, he explained and performed the 10 components of Choi Kwang Do. As he stretched, punched, striked , blocked, and kicked, the students and parents were amazed at the agility, speed, and strength of the Founder, Sahjonim Kwang Jo Choi. For the last 27 years he has single handedly educated and performed for audiences all over the world the benefits of training in the system that he created on March 2, 1987. To learn more about Sahjonim Choi and Choi Kwang Do, a series of documentary can be viewed on YouTube titled “Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi documentary”. As science continues to improve, so does Choi Kwang Do!

At the conclusion of the Seminar it was time to celebrate Sahjonim’s birthday and the 27th Anniversary was recorded in history. There was a sumptuous dinner banquet enjoyed by all and the dancing began.

Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International 27th Anniversary Group Photo

Choi Kwang Do Seminar - 27th Festival Contest Results

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