Celebrating 20 years of Choi Kwang Do in Argentina CEO Choi Kwang Do welcomed Grand Master Choi to the National Argentinian Congress. The president of the national Argentinian sports comission congressman Ruben Sciuto recognized Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi for his contribution to people well-being worldwide through Choi Kwang Do Martial Art.

Grand Master Choi also did special training the instructors team that are currently spreading Choi Kwang Do across Chile, Colombia, Brasil and Argentina states. Master Raniero Del Federico'́s instructors team took part of this intensive training program to specialize in Choi Kwang Do science theory and practice.


Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi Training Seminar in South Korea - May 2012

At the invitation of our South Korean instructors, Grandmaster Choi traveled to Korea on the 15th of April to upgrade all the new developments in Choi Kwang Do. Many seminars are planned in and around South Korea for non Choi Kwang Do instructors from other martial arts. At one seminar at Master Park Hyeong Jun's school in Ansan, Korea, over 50 instructors gathered to witness the Grandmaster's sheer power, grace, and explosive speed. Some of the instructors are now enrolled in our conversion program. At the age of 70, Grandmaster Choi still wows the audience.

Puerto Rico will host a seminar, contest, and festivities in San Juan from September 20-23, 2012. Seminars/contests and festivities will also be hosted by India and Australia. The UK will celebrate its 25th year anniversary in June 2013. Please watch this space for more information to follow.


The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) sponsored a CKD seminar for their students and professors on June 23, 2012. KAIST is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea and is considered to be the top school for science and technology. The seminar gathered much interest in and around the campus as it was titled, "Science Meets Martial Art."

Grandmaster Choi not only impressed the audience with his amazing techniques, but also with the in-depth explanation of the scientific principles behind each technique. CKD classes are scheduled to begin July 31 at KAIST's International Center.

For more information, please contact Master Eun at eunjongsoo@hotmail.com

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